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Support our Health Care Heroes

All gifts will support Community Relief/Emergency Fund

As we continue down the road of this unprecedented time battling the coronavirus outbreak, many of us are asking how we can help. As the former Chief Nurse of John Muir Health Walnut Creek Medical Center, a former patient, and now the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the John Muir Health Foundation, I can tell you how vital your support is to John Muir Health. The importance of maintaining a world class health care system in our community is critically important. Keeping this valuable asset intact for our children and grandchildren is equally important. John Muir Health has an incredible group of physicians, nurses, support staff, and volunteers who are currently putting their lives on the line every day to care for us and NOW THEY NEED OUR SUPPORT.

John Muir Health Foundation's Board of Directors has established this ShareGiveHealth fundraising page to support the outstanding work of our extraordinary John Muir Health care teams and ensure our commitment to improve the health of the communities we serve with quality and compassion . . . NOW and for FUTURE GENERATIONS.

Please share with your circle of friends, family and loved ones and help us MAKE A DIFFERENCE.


On behalf of the John Muir Health Foundation Board of Directors,
Beverly A. Jones

Board of Directors:
F. Ryan Anderson
Matthew Beinke
Patrick Carew
Sally L. Davis
Richard M. Del Monte
Thomas Dowd
Mark W. Flower
Paul R. Gray
Guy R. Henshaw
Shonna Jolicoeur
Harry W. Kellogg
Calvin K. Knight
Doug Lange
Kenneth Meehan
Rev. Dwane L. Michael
Margaret Murphy
Rebecca Queen
Margaret M. Simor
Elliot Stein
Richard O. Vandenberg, Jr

Recent Donations

Another great JMHF donor
In Memory of Roselie Girimonte

by Shari Teresi
Another great JMHF donor
Support John Muir employees
Thank you for your hard work and commitment from Jim and Nancy Connors
by James and Nancy Connors
Another great JMHF donor

by Barbara Lorusso
Another great JMHF donor
In Honor of John Muir Health Front Line Staff
Thank You!
by Sally Davis and Gregory Rhodes
Another great JMHF donor
In honor of our front line caregivers
With great appreciation!
by Patrick Carew
Another great JMHF donor

by Dwane Michael
Another great JMHF donor
Margaret & Brent Simor
Thank you to the amazing staff at John Muir
by Margaret & Brent Simor
Another great JMHF donor
Community Benefit/Emergency Relief Fund
In honor of the physicians, nurses, support staff & volunteers on the front line
by Beverly & William Jones