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The Campaign

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The Campaign

The Cancer Center, under construction and targeted to open in fall 2023, will be a central hub for this network of cancer care sites throughout the East Bay, including Berkeley, Brentwood and Pleasanton. 

NOW is the Time for a Cancer Center

Diagnosis rates have consistently increased in the greater Bay Area during the past decade; however, in a post-pandemic society, the number of people annually diagnosed with cancer will increase even more sharply with the addition of later-stage disease presentations that have been unexamined during shelter-in-place mandates. 

This phenomenon of "delayed diagnosis" is already impacting oncology service providers across the region, described by some Northern California oncology specialists as "significant and disturbing." 

NOW is the absolute right time to meet this rapidly rising disease rate and begin a new era of world-class, cohesive care in Walnut Creek to help those loved ones and neighbors who will be faced with complex and unique cancer diagnoses.

John Muir Health is partnering with UCSF to launch the very best of world-class cancer care to transform and improve the fragmented protocol for positive patient experiences.           Right Here. Right Now. 

Who Will Benefit from the new Cancer Center

The new UCSF-John Muir Health Cancer Center will improve access and convenience for patients and their families within the East Bay region of more than two million people.

In 2019, John Mui Health performed upwards of 48,000 oncology screenings and diagnostic tests for men and women for breast cancer alone, not including thousands of additional screenings for cancers of the lung, prostate, brain, etc. the new Cancer Center will accommodate future screenings in a patient-centric environment, but it will also provide critical treatment for individual oncology patients, likely to increase from approximately 2,200 diagnosed/treated John Muir Health patients in 2020, to annual estimates of 5,000-7,500 cases within five years due to several relevant, underlying factors:

1.  Inclusion of UCSF referrals and patients who might have gone for treatment at UCSF or other academic cancer settings;

2.  Results of "delayed" diagnoses due to COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders when many people delayed or avoided both formal cancer screenings and physician visits, during which early screenings may have identified oncology disease;

3.  Improvement of current, OVID-19-induced financial instability will influence the number of people who schedule screenings, tele-health visits, and primary care exams, all resulting in higher numbers of patients diagnosed with cancer;

4.  Amplified services offered within the new Cancer Center will draw additional patients due to the high caliber of world-class treatment available at John Muir Health;

5.  Increased number of clinical trials and oncology research opportunities available through the Cancer Center due to partnership with UCSF;

6.  Vendors and health care workers in all areas of oncology efforts (education, outreach, pastoral care, etc.) will all benefit and be more effective due to the collaboration and integration of services in place across all care aspects;

7.  Expansion of Mobile Health Clinic exams and John Muir Health's "Every Woman Counts" outreach to vulnerable populations will result in increased cancer diagnoses and higher patient treatment numbers at the new Cancer Center; and

8.  Rising demand for cancer care and long-term surveillance/screenings that stem from an aging population, rising incidence of cancer in the Bay Area, and a significant increase in the number of cancer survivors.

To learn more about how you can be involved, please contact Anne Marie Taylor at 925-941-2155 or

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Tuolumne Building - After