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The Foundation Team

Foundation Staff

Patrick J. Carew, MBA, CFRE
Lori T. Johnson, CFRE
Special Events & Donor Relations Director
Marta A. Romero
Foundation Analyst
Michael G. Crvarich, CPA
VP, Legacy & Major Gifts
Elizabeth Lau
Development Coordinator
Gail Rudolph, CFRE
Consultant & Strategic Partner
Kimberly A. Bellinger, CFRE
External Relations Director
Eddie Luu
Foundation & Development Services Manager
Allison See
Events & Employee Programs Manager
Jim Breen
Information Management Coordinator
Kara Mitzel
Foundation & Corporate Relations Director
Mary Sherman
Development Coordinator
Marya R. Cambra
Volunteer & Administrative Manager
Allison Palmer
Development Coordinator
Leigh Shughrou
Development Coordinator
Ashley Jackson
Department Secretary
Tania Pares
Administrative Assistant
Anne Marie Taylor, MA, MBA
External Relations Director

Advisory Council

Guy R. Henshaw, Chairman
Managing Dir., Henshaw/Vierra Mgmt Counsel, LLC
William F. (Rick) Cronk
JMH Board of Directors (Retired)
Ronald E. Nunn
Oil & Gas Exploration, Real Estate Development
J. Kendall Anderson
President and CEO, John Muir Health (Retired 2011)
William H. (Hank) Delevati
Chairman of The Board, Versant Corporation
Irving M. Pike, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer, John Muir Health
Ronald J. Banducci
President & CEO, Shell Refinery (Retired 1997)
Nourollah G. (Nouri) Ghorbani, M.D.
JMHF Board of Directors (Retired 2015)
S. Donley (Don) Ritchey
CEO, Lucky Stores (Retired)
Michelle J. Bartel
VP Financial Consultant, Charles Schwab
David L. Goldsmith
RS Investment Management (Retired)
Thomas G. Rundall, Ph.D.
JMH Board of Directors
Stephen P. Beinke
President, Blackhawk Properties
Peter D. Gruebele
JMHF Board of Directors (Retired 2015)
John C. Sayres
JMH Investment Committee Chair
Linda Best
John Muir Health Board (Retired)
Calvin K. Knight
President & CEO, John Muir Health
Gerald D. (Jerry) Stroffolino
JMHF Board of Directors (Retired 2015)
David Birdsall, M.D.
Medical Director, John Muir Health Medical Center
Michael L. Levine, M.D.
JMH Radiation Oncology (Retired)
Jack E. Thompson
JMHF Board of Directors (Retired 2017)
Chuck Bloch
Property Mgmt/Real Estate Development
Robert S. Lowitz, M.D.
JMH Oncology (Retired)
Ken Wienholz
Bell-Carter Foods (Retired)
Patrick J. Carew
President, John Muir Health Foundation
James V. Mitchell
Sr. Partner, Meier, Mitchell & Co.
Vivian W. Wing, M.D.
Bay Imaging Consultant/JMH Radiology
Angela M. Coffee
Sr. Managing Director, First Republic Bank (Retired)
Kerry Murphy
Dumol Winery (Retired)
David D. Woodworth
JMHF Board of Directors (Retired 2018)
George Counelis, M.D.
JMH Neurosurgery/Spine Specialist

Board of Directors

Richard M. Del Monte
Mark W. Flower
Officer at Large
Harry W. Kellogg
Beverly A. Jones, RN
Vice Chair
Alice D. Hunter, M.D.
Officer at Large
Rev. Dwane L. Michael
Paul R. Gray, Ph.D.
Douglas M. Lange, M.D.
Officer at Large
Margaret S. Murphy
F. Ryan Anderson, M.D.
Officer at Large
Calvin K. Knight
President & CEO, John Muir Health
Margaret M. Simor
Guy R. Henshaw
Chair, Advisory Council
Donald J. Liddle
President, JMWC Auxiliary
Richard O. Vandenberg, Jr.
Patrick J. Carew
President, John Muir Health Foundation
Shonna Jolicoeur
President, Concord Volunteers
Jean Hofmann
Honorary Director
Sally L. Davis, M.D., FACC
Officer at Large
Matthew Beinke
Margery B. Sterns
Honorary Director
Thomas M. Dowd
Officer at Large