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The Women’s Philanthropic Circle

Fall 2019

The Women’s Philanthropic Circle

The Women’s Philanthropic Circle (the Circle) began in 2002 with 33 members. Members contribute $1,000 each year and the Circle continues to grow, resulting in $1 million raised since its inception. The Circle’s gifts are pooled together and the members vote as to how their combined funds will be allocated. Items funded by the Circle include highly specialized medical equipment, exciting new technologies and capital projects.

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2020 Winter Newsletter


Tamera L. Anderson

Deborah S. Arce

Paula G. Arnold

Diane M. Barbera

Sharon Birdsall

Gloria Blecha

Mary Brooks

Lynette T. Busby

Guyla R. Cashel

Barbara I. Cavella

Susan Cha

Elaine D. Ciccone

Valerie O. Cooper

Janet M. Cronk

Angela Y. Danzig

Carlotta R. Dathe

Brenda D. Davis

Sally L. Davis

Elizabeth S. De Chene

Loucille W. DeAtley

Linda S. Delaplane

Carrie Dinkelspiel

Marcia L. Ellicott

Barbara M. Ferrigno

Pauline N. Fleischer

Marie L. Garaventa Adler

Marilyn Gardner

Ann Gillette

Robin J. Griffiths

Anne F. Grodin

Diana L. Haas

Briana Hampton

Diane M. Hanson

Cynthia A. Hatton

Jacqueline M. Haws

Susan S. Henshaw

Colleen Hoffman Saydah

Nancy S. Hudson

Marilyn B. Hughes

Alice D. Hunter

Marion B. Iles

Carole L. Jenkins

Beverly A. Jones

Lowrey H. Jones

Nicole L. Jones

Gloria Kaprielian

Marilyn J. Knowles

Katherine S. Knudsen

Joan S. Koenig

Joan P. Kunz

Louise D. Lee

Ellen A. Leng

Lolita C. Lopez

Dayna MacDannald

Alice B. Mayo

Carol L. Melvin

Patricia A. Miller

Elsbeth E. Minuth

Janiece Nolan

Kathleen Odne

Joan B. Patterson

Chi L. Perlroth

Randy M. Pike

Jeanne M. Porter

Jane Raymond

Joan Reynolds

Sue G. Richard

Nancy G. Richardson

Maxine F. Rottenberg

Amy C. Rubsamen

Mary J. Shepherd

Diane K. Sibley-Origlia

Margaret M. Simor

Caren L. Steffens

Eileen J. Stein

Sherryl A. Stientjes

Joyce C. Stroffolino

Sandra J. Sussman

Linda A. Thompson

Alice Villanueva

Francesca Vogel

Jane A. Willemsen

Vivian W. Wing

Judith S. Wisecarver

Susan Woodmansee

Carole A. Wynstra

Lindsey A. Yates