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Lifetime Donors

Lifetime Donors

Lifetime Donors

We gratefully recognize the exceptional support of the donors listed here who have given $10,000 or more cumulatively.

$5M or more

Leta H. Evans and Edward Talbot Evans

The Hofmann Family Foundation

Martha Jean and Kenneth Hofmann

The Thomas J. Long Foundation

Wayne and Gladys Valley Foundation

$5M - $2.5M


Theresa and Wayne Caygill, M.D.

John Muir Medical Center Auxiliary

The J.M. Long Foundation

Myrtle M. McGrew

Elsa U. Pardee Foundation

$2.5M - $1M

Anonymous (2)

Patsy and Jack Brown

Berdine and Arnold Buss

Edith B. Cappel

Janet and William Cronk

Ermina and Orville Dykstra

Lavigne Family Trust

Rachel J. Lavigne

G. Willard Miller Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. G. Willard Miller

Karen and Thomas Mulvaney

Jerry Origlia

Lillian E. Poage

Sharon and Don Ritchey

Nancy and Bill Sabin

Valentine Family Foundation

Cheryl and Christian Valentine

Mary and Robert Vanderwall

Captain Roy Whitmire, Ret.

Mary and Walter Young

$999,999 - $500,000


Arnold and Berdine Buss

Walter J. Chapman

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Dieterich, Jr.

East Bay Community Foundation

Garaventa Family Foundation

Eleanor R. Garrett

HEDCO Foundation

William A. Humphrey

Audrey and Michael Huron

The William G. Irwin Charity Foundation

John Muir Medical Center Volunteers, Concord

John Muir Medical Group

G. Winton and Nathalie Jones

Mrs. Miriam H. Lar Rieu

The Vera M. Long Foundation

Tom and Billie Long

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Proskey

Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Bay Area

Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Steeves

Zelda B. Stone

Jack E. and Linda A. Thompson

$499,999 - $250,000

Stanley T. Abrams

Tamera and J. Kendall Anderson

Ruth Arnhold Steiner and Paul Steiner

Dorothy and Gordon Ball

Carolyn and James Butler, Jr.

California Nurses Association

The California Wellness Foundation

Myrna and Dennis Cheney

Wilda L. Christensen

Clark Construction Group, LLC

Nancy and Robert Clough

Donna and R. Ken Coit

Contra Costa Transportation Authority

Dianda Family Fund

Rose Marie Ditmer

Dr. & Mrs. Karl A. Ehrlich

Felton Family Foundation

Myrna and Henry Fourcade, M.D.

Edith D'Errecalde Hadamard

Lakeside Foundation

Sidne J. Long and Lisa K. Long

Eve and Walter Markstein

Medical Anesthesia Consultants Medical Group, Inc.

Miller Family Trust

Catherine M. Prato

Silvio and Mary Garaventa Family Foundation

Marie Spielman

R. Jean and James D. Taylor Foundation

Wells Fargo 

The Zocchi Family

$249,999 - $100,000

Anonymous (6)

Marie Garaventa Adler and Raymond Adler, RN

Jeanne and Arnold James Alexander

The Ausfahl Family

Sue and Ronald Banducci

Nancy and Dwight Barker

Bay Imaging Consultants Medical Group, Inc.

Edda and George Beer

Patricia and Ramin Behmand, M.D.

Dorothy and Gordon Bingham

Stephen & Mary Birch Foundation, Inc.

Edgar C. Bowman

Nancy and Bob Bradford

Robert and Alice Bridges Foundation

Alice and Robert Bridges

Sharon and Robert Burke

Helen A. Burling

CEP America Concord Emergency Physicians

CEP America - Walnut Creek Emergency Physicians

Chevron Corporation

Concord Industrial Park I-II-A, L.P.

Contra Costa Pathology Associates

Janet and William Cronin

Grace E. Dalton

William E. and Mary A. Daniel 

Carol and Geoffrey Darby

Carlotta and Robert Dathe

Virginia and Stephen Davenport

Betty J. Dawes

Marion and Richard de Graca

Merle and Joseph Diehl

Naomi Dobrich

Margaret and Robert Doering 

Richard D. Drake

Annette and William Dyer, Jr.

Grace and Louis Erb

Mary and Francis Fitzpatrick, Sr.

Irene and F. N. Fossati

Foundation for Brotherhood

The Fresh Connection

The Garret Thrift Shop

Kimberly Ghorbani and Nourollah Ghorbani, M.D.

Jeannette and Thomas Gibson, M.D.

Marlene and Mathew Gonsalves

Debra and Steven Gonsalves

Nancy and George Greenleaf

Anne and Marshall Grodin

Celeste and Erik Haak 

Jean and Will Hall

Virginia and Oliver Hamlin

James Harkins

Have A Ball Foundation

Susan and Guy Henshaw

Lorraine Hood

Nancy D.M. Howard

James P. Howe

Dr. Luman and Marilyn Hughes

Mary M. Johansen

Myrtle E. Jones

Dorothy and Edward Kapelanski

Bette and Bernard Kaplan

Maureen and Cal Knight

Kohanaiki Club, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt W. Krueger


Ashley and Ronald Latteri

Ethel J. Leigh

Florence Leon

Lescure Company, Inc.

Jennifer and Allen Lescure

Suzanne and Michael Lescure

The Dean and Margaret Lesher Foundation

Jennifer J. Machado

Irene and Frank Malley

Bertha and Albert Markstein

Elizabeth McFarlan

Ken and Barbara Meehan

Bonnie and Hank Miller

Amy Lonergan Mitchell and Greg Mitchell

Carol and Robert Molinaro

Muir Medical Group IPA, Inc.

Margaret and Kerry Murphy

Marcy and Paul Nathan

Marilyn and Jack Neely

Margaret-Mary and William A. Novak

Sharon and Angelo Pappas

Madeline B. Park

Joan and David Patterson

Rosemary Peterson

Pianka Living Trust 

Isabelle H. Pigman

Gloria and Joseph Polastri

Ratcliff Architects

Elizabeth and James Rettig

Rossmoor Health Services Center

Safeway Foundation

Aldo Sartor and Edith Sartor Trust

Colleen and Robert Saydah

Pat and William Schaefer

Nathalie and William Schmicker

Norine and Thomas Seeno

Lucas Edward Sherman Memorial Pro/Am

Lorie and Mark Sherman

Six Flags Marine World Vallejo

Steven J. Sloat

F.W. Spencer and Son, Inc.

Mercedes and Michael C. Stead

Eileen and Elliot Stein

Joyce and Jerry Stroffolino

Stryker Neurovascular

Gordon Studebaker

 Patricia M. Stull 

Olga and Warren Tarshis

Frances E. Todd

United Way of the Bay Area

Jeanne M. Wilcox

Kathryn M. Wohlrab

Ruth and Frank Young

$49,999 - $25,000

Anonymous (10)

Gloria and Frederick Ackerman, M.D.

Active Charity

Allied Waste Services, Inc.

American Cancer Society

Wilma and William Anderson

Mollie and Edward Arnold

Lillian and Fred Baldocchi

Bank of America

Michelle Bartel and Linda DeBolt

BASS Medical Group

Francis S. Baugh Family Trust

Bay Area Retina Associates Medical Group

Bay Area Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology Association

Dorothy W. Beall

Joan and Donald Beerline, M.D.

David E. Behring

Matilda and Albert Beilenson

Inga and Bryant Bennett

The Lowell Berry Foundation

Bingham McCutchen LLP

Marian Birdsall, M.D. and David Birdsall, M.D.

Barbara and Charles Bloch

Melba and Frank Bolla

Louise and James Branscom, M.D.

Brighton Retail

Dennis K. Brown

Laurie and John Bruns, DDS

Concetta and William Carozza

Guyla and John Cashel

Barbara and Patrick Cavella

Marion L. Chenery

Carol and William Chiasson,

Brenda and Paul Chodroff, M.D.

Angela and Peter Coffee

Jonny and Howard Cohen, M.D.

Concord/Pleasant Hill Health Care District

Susa and William Cooper

Roxanne and Trevor Crossley

Angela Danzig, Ph.D. and Arthur Danzig, M.D.

Fred M. Davies

Kim Davis

Mary and Winthrop Delamater, Jr.

Loretta and Raymond Dickinson

Denise A. Dodini

Carol and Philip Doyle

Louella and Roger Dunn

William M. Eames

Sandra and James Earl

Eastman Kodak Company

Jean and F. H. Eastman

Lynn and Arnold Ehlers

EmPower HealthIT

Linda Engelstad, M.D. and Barry Engelstad, M.D.

Ayako and Roy English

Louise Epstein and Jacob Epstein, M.D.

Lisa L. Evans

Anita Marie and William Farmer

Farmers National Company

Judy K. Faust

Fidelity Investments

Firedoll Foundation

Marilyn and Thomas Fitzmyers

Donna Fraioli and Richard Fraioli, M.D.

Andra and David Freeman

Leigh M. Freeman

Dorothy and Miller Freeman, Jr.

Helene Fuld 


Alfreida and W. H. Goodall

Pamela and John Goode

Steven A. Greinetz

Janice Nakagawa and Steven Grogan

Charlotte and Peter Gruebele

Crescent Porter Hale Foundation

Kim and Bob Hammer

Dr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Hanson

Mildred and Samuel Hauer, M.D.

Barbara Heard and Robert Bernard

Horace S. Henderson

Carol and Paul Henshaw

Brenda and Arthur Hill

Diana and William Hoddick, M.D.

Vita Lori Hofmann

Home Care Assistance, LLC

John V. Hook

Dorothy and Walter Hughes

Linda B. Ingham

JMMC Medical Staff Walnut Creek

John Muir Health Physician Network

John Muir Medical Center, Concord

John Muir Medical Center, Walnut Creek

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Elberta and John Lozes

Cindy and Gerald Johnston

Kirsten and Kyle Johnstone

Lowrey and Stephen Jones

JTec HCM, Inc.

Kaplan Diabetes Fund

Diana and Donald Kennedy

Jeanette and Steve Kerstner

Josephine and James Kilpatrick

Kiryle Foundation

Marilyn and John Knowles, M.D.

Joan and Alan Kunz

Elsa and Ellsworth LaBoyteaux

Lisa and James Laird

Dorothy E. Larsen

Carol and Alvar Larson

Margaret and Alfred Layton

Violet and Adolph Lazzareschi

Sue Farley, J.D. and Michael Levine, M.D.

Ruth Swanson and Edwin Lewis

Donna and Bill Liebman, M.D.

Lincoln Financial Advisors

Longs Drug Stores

Te Y. Lou

Irwin and Viola Lowrey Foundation

Howard D. Maccabee

Lucilla and James Martin

Audrey and Ray Mathews

Claudia and Tim McCaffery

Kathleen and John McCorduck

Kathryn Krieger and William McIvor, M.D.

McKesson Corporation

McKesson Information Solutions

Marilyn and Lawrence McLaughlin

Medtronic, Inc.

Karin and Daniel Miceli

Phyllis and Edward Miller, M.D.

Elsbeth E. Minuth

Carolyn and James Mitchell

Mary and Donald Mitchell

Mom 365

Valerie Nagel and Michael Monaldo

Sharon and Paul Morris, M.D.

Kara and Michael Murphy, M.D.

Jane and Raymond Nassief

Navigant Healthcare Cymetrix

Edith M. Nelson

Deborah and William Oldenburg

Roberta R. Palmer

Iva L. Parish


Nils Parson, M.D.

Vanessa and Christian Pass

Richard R. Paterson, M.D.

Fran and Dale Patterson

Paul Buck Charitable Remainder Trust

Patricia and Joseph Perez

Pfizer, Inc.

Randy and Irving Pike, M.D.

The Margaret Pillsbury Foundation

Suzanne and Clyde Pitchford

Mary Louise Pollaczek

Sherry and Norman Prickett

Prophet Brand Strategy

Queen of Hearts

Mary and Steven Read

Barbara and Curtis Rebhan

Conrad L. Redders

Sally Davis, M.D. and Gregory Rhodes, M.D.

Nancy and George Richardson

Rotary Club of Walnut Creek

Olga Rotermund and Maynard Rotermund, M.D.

Margaret M. Roth

Maxine F. Rottenberg

Jane Tiemann and Thomas Rundall, Ph.D.

Lois and Eric Saff

Marion and Herbert Sandler

Ruth and Richard Sayre, M.D.

Barbara and Jerry Schauffler

Sandra and Anthony Schilling, M.D.

Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Schimbor

Helene and Stanton Schwartz, M.D.

Sectra North America, Inc.

Thomas A. Seeno Foundation

Jon B. Shastid

Dale Benveniste and Richard Sigel, M.D.

Elizabeth and Leslie Simmonds

Charles Simpson

Carolyn and J.D. Smith

Carolyn and Milton Smith

Estate of Dorothy G. Sproul

Elizabeth and Anthony Stallings

Pamela and Mark Stantz

Veda A. Stead

Erika M. Steiner

Sunset Development Company

Janie and James Sweeny

Marti Tarnowski and Andrew Fallat, Jr.

The Jewish Community Foundation

Ida and Thomas Thomason, M.D.

Tiffany & Co.

Tour d'Esprit

Touro University

The Nick Traina Foundation

University of San Francisco

Dita and Edward Van Westerborg

Vesper Society

Alice and John Villanueva

Vitas Healthcare

Alice and Robert Von der Lieth

Barbara and Michael Wall

Anne and Richard Ward

Louise and Robert Wattron


Leah and Richard Weinstein, M.D.

Barbara and James Wesley

Susan and Joel White, M.D.

Margaret and Robert Wicker

Mildred and James Wickersham

Celia and Ken Wienholz

Willis Towers Watson

Barbara and John Wilson

Vivian W. Wing, M.D.

Bonnie and David Wixson, M.D.

Sandra and Steven Wolfe, M.D.

Audrey and Winston Woodman

Bonnie and Tao Yip

$24,999 - $10,000

Anonymous (18)

Kathleen and Dale Adams

Leo M. Adams

 All Bay Mill & Lumber

Aetna, Inc.

Bernard W. Allen

Dawn and James Allen

Susan Alonso

William F. Ames, Jr.

Louise and Roy Anderberg

Sharon and Stephen Anderson

James Anwyl

Rhonda and Barry Applebaum

Genevieve and William Appleberry, Jr.


Atalanta Sosnoff Capital

Atlantic Trust

Aventis Pharmaceuticals

Magdalyn G. Babbage

Sheryl and Craig Bacharach

Esther Alice Bader

Alice Baker

Kathleen and Burton Baker, M.D.

Nancy and Reuben Balzer, M.D.

Ruth Bancroft

Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund

Bank of America Corporation

Bank of the West

Elizabeth Bartok

Jason and Lynn Baskett

Candace and John Bass

Nancy and John Bates, Sr.

Bay Area Investors, LP

Bay Area Neurosciences

Bay Medical Management, LLC

Elizabeth and Stephen Bechtel, Jr. Foundation

Mari and Joseph Beck

Randall Becker

Myron Beil

Deborah and Stephen Beinke

Bella Baby Photography

Gail and Dan Ben-Zeev, M.D.

Ann and Gilbert Berkeley

Linda and Edward Best

BETA Healthcare Group

Nicole and William Blalock

Courtney Berlin and Erin Borger

Susan and Timothy Bottoms

Elizabeth and Robert Bowles, Jr.

Barbara and Gary Boyd

Marcia and Stephen Boyd

Virginia and William Boyd

Marjorie and William Boyer

Donna Brackley

Laren and Jesse Brill

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Mary and Peter Brooks

Christine L. Browning

Ute and Robert Burness

Lynette and Jim Busby

Judy Buti Dunton and Gary Dunton

California Beef Council

The California Endowment

The Cancer League, Inc.

John A. Canham

Carolyn and Timothy Carlson

Dante Carmazzi

Marjorie and Richard Carmel, M.D.

Shirley and Robert Carrau

Sylvia and Daniel Carter

Cascade Refining, Inc.

Rachel and John Cassell

CBRE, Inc.

CDA Foundation

Gail and Del Chase

ChevronTexaco Business & Real Estate Services

Helen and Walter Christie

Jeanne Christy

Sherry and Robert Clark, M.D.

Elsie and Henry Clay

The Clorox Company

Marilyn and George Cobb, M.D.

June and Michael Cohen, M.D.

Roberta and Leonard Cohn

Gail and Leo Collar

Donna and Randall Colombo

Lona and Terry Cook

Jeanette and Alexander Cornelius

Elizabeth and Roger Cornwall, M.D.

The Cotillion Committee

Nancy and Wendell Cotton


Ival and Fred Crutcher, DDS

CSL Behring, LLC

R. William Curtis

Laurel von Hoffmann-Curzi, M.D. and Mario Curzi, M.D.

Dorothy and Carl Damé

Eleanore and Albert Davidson

Elizabeth and Robert De Chene

Loucille and Gary DeAtley

The Thomas A. DeCarlo Family

Catharine and W. S. Deeming

Linda and Thomas Delaplane

Sophie Lay, M.D. and Chinnavuth DeMonteiro, M.D.

Golda and Robert Deutscher, M.D.

Diablo Custom Publishing

Donna and Henry Dias

Jon A. Dickson

The Adam Diehl Family

Dillingham Construction N.A., Inc.

Sharon and Michael Dixon

Pamela R. Dixon

Yoshimi and Edward Downer, III

Cheryl and David Duffield

Eleanor and Robert Dumm

Jennifer and Darren Duncan

Mildred and Robert Duncan

Jean and Harry Dutton

East Bay Cardiovascular & Thoracic Inc.

East Bay Newborn Specialists, Inc.

Bonnie and William Ebbinghaus

Judith and Lloyd Elkins, Jr.

Marcia L. Ellicott

Grace and Louis Ellis, DDS

Embtel, Inc.

Gail and Michael Emmons

Linda and Tony English

Epic Care

EPReward Inc.

Frohmut and James Ewart, M.D.

Jacquelin and Sheafe Ewing, M.D.

ExxonMobil Foundation

Ferris A. Farnsworth

Clarice and Philip Fay, Sr.

Barbara and Michael Ferrigno

Kurt A. Feuerman

Virginia and James Field

Pamela and Ira Finch, M.D.

Francise C. Fiorentino

Anne and Robert Flaig, M.D.

Pauline and Edward Fleischer

Robert G. Forbes

Lisa and Franklin Foust

Freed Associates, Inc.

Margaret and Marshall Freeman

Suzanne Freiley

Fremont Bank

Anupama and Sunil Gandhi, M.D.

Janet Gaston, M.D. and David Fattig

Frances and John Gentry

Noretta and Bruce Gilbert


David J. Goldberg, M.D.

Linda Buda and Gary Goldstein

Betty and Ralph Grady

Gladys N. Grassini

Diane and Lonnie Graybehl

Cliff Fahey and Thomas Greely, M.D.

Robin and Robert Griffiths

Guy Guarige

Guidant Corporation

Katherine Marie and Fernando Gumucio

Diana and Melvin Haas

Patty and Mark Haggen

Patricia and Warren Hagstrom

Paula and Michael Halberda

Patricia and Ross Hallberg

Hammond Hanlon Camp LLC

June N. Harding

Ruth and Thomas Harlan

Almira M. Haugeberg

Heffernan Insurance Brokers and the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation

Mary Lou and Daniel Helix

Helen and Paul Henshaw

Charlotte and Howard Hicks

Hoechst-Roussel Pharmaceutical

Ann Hogland

Homestake Mining Company

Karen and Allan Horn, M.D.

Carolyn and William Hoskins

Janyce and David Hoyt

Deanna and Abraham Hsieh, M.D.

HSS Inc.

Meichi and Kuo-Chu Hua

Margaret R. Huddleson

Nancy and Lawrence Hudson

Humana, Inc.

Jane and Donald Huovinen

Catherine Hurt, M.D. and David Earp

Carleton Hussey

Impact Advisors LLC

Ann and Robert Ingham, M.D.

Suanne and Grant Inman

Laura and Robert Irwin

Selwa and Richard Jeha

Carole and Howard Jenkins

Mitchell D. Jenkins

Grace and Fred Jenner

Carl Barry Johnston

Lillian Johnston and Joel Scarborough

Myke and David Judd

John Justus

Jo Anne and John Kaminski

Kathryn Ikeda and Richard Kamrath, M.D.

Daniel Kaplan

Marilyn and Marc Kaplan

Donna D. Kaufman

Beverly and John Kaufman, M.D.

Stephanie and Stephen Keire

Chris Kelly 

Makenzie Kelly

Elizabeth and Nicholas Kemsley

William A. Kerr Foundation

Kifer San Ysidro Joint Venture

Janet and John Kilhefner

Sun and Ran Kim, M.D.

Joyce Abrams and Andrew Kives, M.D.

Kiwanis Club of Rossmoor Foundation

Mary and Theodore Kloth, M.D.

Mary and Roy Klotzbach

KnightRidder Corporation

Rosette and Gerald Koch

Debbie and Eric Kolhede

Mary and Howard Kopping, M.D.

Charlotte Kutsunai and James Krejci, M.D.

Barbara and Robert Kroll


Peter N. Kujachich

Jim Lacy

Melba Lahti

Laura and Eric Lamison

Deana and Will Lane, M.D.

Lucille and Joseph Lang

Mary and William Langenberg

Ronald LaPorta, M.D.

Fay and Francis Lathrop

Claudia Pinilla and Barry Latner, M.D.

Layton Construction Company, LLC

Berniece D. Leavey

Irma and Wilbur Lee

Vicki Colgate Lee

Ellen A. Leng, M.D.

Patricia and Everett Lester

Jean and Milton Levy

Renee D. Lewis

LifeScan, Inc.

Loryn  and David Lindsey, M.D.

Hazel and Albert Lockwood

Michelle and Stephen Lopes

Elinore and Harry Lott, II

The Lowitz Family Charitable Lead Trust

Carol and Robert Lowitz, M.D.

Yolanda and Efren Lucero

Mabel Horrigan Foundation

Alka and Shehzad Madan

Phyllis and Gus Malmquist

Meg and Thomas Maloney

Karen and Clarence Mamuyac

Claire and Harry Manji, DDS

March of Dimes

Esther and John Marchant

Timothy P. Maroney, M.D.

Edith and John Marshall

Vidal Martinez

Caroline and Frank Martini

Jeanette and Robert Martini

Maren and Donald Mathiesen

Alice and Robert Mayo, M.D.

Zoe-Ann and Nate Mazur

Florence and Malcolm McAuley

Susan and Lowman McCarley

Karin and Gregory McClune

McCorduck Properties, LLC

Lillian and Wendell McCrory

Lisa and Brian McGuinness, M.D.

Patricia and John McGuire

Barbara and Michael McKay

Carolyn and James Meador, M.D.

Medical-Surgical Nursing Consortium

MediQuant, Inc.

Farideh and Masud Mehran

Merck & Company, Inc.


Mary Messer-Eilerman and Michael Messer, M.D.

Rhys and Neil Miller

Mitchell Family Trust

Doris and Donald Mitchell

Neil C. Mitchell

Lois and Jacob Mol

Montgomery Street Foundation

Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.

Virginia and William Morison

Mary and Ian Morrison

William H. Morrison

Mulago Foundation

Frances and Robert Musacchio

David Neagle

Nancy and Carl Newbury

Henry O. Noffsinger

Janiece Nolan, Ph.D. and Robert Nolan, M.D.

Nor Cal Co., LP

Northbay Healthcare

Northpoint II


Ann Marie Oakes

Kathleen and L. John Odne

Elizabeth A. Odumakinde, M.D.

Shabana Khan and John Oldenburg

Fernando Otero, M.D.

Sally and Charles Ott

Pacific Gas & Electric

Pacific State Co., LP

Nora and Michael Pastrick

Meredith and Ames Pence

Richard Levy and Christopher Perez

Chi Perlroth, M.D. and Joshua Perlroth, M.D.

Sarah and Gerald Peters

Terese and Lawrence Petersen

Ellen and R. Ryan Platt, M.D. 

The PMI Foundation

Catherine Mills and Jonathan Posin, M.D.

Rona and Burton Press, DDS

Jane and James Price

Ann L. Rae

Anita Rama, M.D. and Richard Rossland

Sam Ramirez, Jr.

Pamela R. Ranahan

Arthur Rappaport

Sue and Harry Rattner

Gertrude and Fred Rau

Jane and Jonathan Raymond

Velma and Jack Rebosio

Resource Design Interiors

Joan Reynolds, M.D. and Bruce London, M. D. 

Rhone - Poulenc North American Chemicals

Rhone - Poulenc Rorer Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Judith and John Riedel, M.D.

Melani and Brian Rivera

Marilyn and Steven Rivera

Charlene and Michael Robinson

Rosemary and Dudley Robnett, M.D.

James K. Rogers

Vivian and Robert Rollin

Patsy and Arthur Ronat

Rosendin Electric

Ruth and Sidney Ross

Rossmoor Projects Limited

Amy and Reid Rubsamen, M.D.

Ann and Ned Ryder

Gayle and Theodore Saenger

Saint Matthew Lutheran Church

The San Francisco Foundation

Kenneth J. Sartori

Victor W. Sauer

Susan Biddle and George Sauter

Robert Saxen

Dayna and John Sayres

Beatrice B. Scarborough

Susan and Barry Scherman

Lenore and Michael Schermer

Hans Schick

Eun-Hee Chang and Robert Schick, M.D.

Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Schimbor

Nancy and Robert Schnaible

Dorothy and Jacques Schnier

Marjorie and Lawrence Scholl

Ann Schreiber

Schwab Charitable Fund

Dorothy Schwartzman

Marjorie and Eugene Scofield

Timothy A. Scott, M.D.

Andrea Segura Smith and Randy Smith

Sharon Wheatley and David Shapiro, M.D.

Betty and William Sharon

Margie and James Shaughnessy, Sr.

Vivian and Kent Sherwood

Rachel H. Sigel

Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Paula and Donald Sledge

Sloat Brothers, Ltd.

Barbara and Heber Smith

Allison J. Solari

Martha and Emil Somogyi, M.D.

Siedell and Selma Soss

Anne and Stanley Soulé

St. Jude Medical

Stanford Children's Health

Marshall Steel, Sr. Foundation

Caren and Richard Steffens

Joan and Robert Stevenson

Charlotte and Richard Strong

Stryker Sustainability Solutions

Jerome Stubb

Delphine V. Sutley

Madonna and Stanley Swete

Margaret M. Sylvestre

Synthes, Inc.  

Janet and Rex Takahashi

Sheryl and Juan Tapia

Mary and Charles Tateosian

Elaine and Barry Taylor

Panagiota and Robert Taylor

Anne Marie and Thomas Taylor

The Kensington

The Mervyn L. Brenner Foundation, Inc.

E. Norman Thompson

Cindy Tietjen and Patrick Kavanaugh, M.D.

Steven K. Tiller

Jeanette and Vincent Trapani

Helen and David Troxel, M.D.

Dorothy Tucker

Maryellen and Roger Tyler

USS-POSCO Industries

Lalitta and Arie Van Gemeren, M.D.

Karen Van Voorhis

Elizabeth and Richard Vandenberg, Jr.

Louise and Thomas Vanderbeck

Vanguard Charitable

Gloria and George Vila

Dorothy and Frank Vitullo

Virginia and August Voelkel, M.D.

Kenneth V. Wakefield

Ralph E. Walters

Julia and Dean Weihe, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Weiland

Frances and Ronald Weintraub, M.D.

Donna and Theodore Weis, M.D.

Maxine R. Welty

West State Co., LP

Peggy and Thomas Whalen

Diane and Henry Whiffen

Virginia and James Whitacre

Cindy T. White

Alma E. Wiese

Ellen and Robert Williams

Wendy and James Williams

Carol and Neil Wilson, M.D.

Judith and Warren Wisecarver

Nina and Ryan Wittmer

Workday, Inc.

Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmaceuticals

Ximedica, LLC

Fosca and John Zandonella

Rene and Louis Zocchi

Shirley and John Zuorski, M.D.