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Legacy Donors

Legacy Donors

Legacy Donors

Legacy gifts are an important way that donors can support the future of John Muir Health, far beyond their lifetimes. We thank and honor the following donors who have made commitments or intentions to include John Muir Health in their will or estate plans.

Anonymous (20)

Abadie Trust

Stanley T. Abrams

Lewis E. Albright and Family

Arnold J.S. Alexander

Beverly and Glenn Annis

Genevieve and William Appleberry, Jr.

Mollie and Edward Arnold

Esther Alice Bader

Alice Baker

Francis S. Baugh Family Trust

Dorothy W. Beall

Edda Beer

Joan and Donald Beerline, M.D.

Gordon D. Bingham

Laura and Raymon Black

Leah M. Boehm

Marjorie and Willard Boswell

Nancy and Bob Bradford

Vivian K. Brailoff

Philip A. and Tomiko Brenneman

William M. Brice

Jack R. and Patsy P. Brown

Nancie Brown

Helen A. Burling

Berdine and Arnold Buss

James and Carolyn Butler

Sharon and Robert  Bryne

Donald W. Campbell

Alsida Canton

Edith B. Cappel

Mary Ann and Robert Cashman

Martha M. Caso

Theresa M. Caygill

Walter J. Chapman

Marion L. Chenery

Wilda L. Christensen

Robert H. Clough

Roberta and Leonard Cohn

Florence and Frank Cowan

Mary McClure Crow

Leah A. Crowe

Grace E. Dalton

Carol and Geoffrey Darby

Albert Davidson

Grace T. Davis

Kim Davis, B.A., R.N., P.H.N., M.S.N.

Betty J. Dawes

Richard F. de Graca

John S. Deeming

Shari and Raul Deju Ph.D.

Richard and Ingrid Del Monte

The Diehl Family

Patricia L. and James W. Dieterich, Jr.

Rose Marie Ditmer

Pamela R. Dixon

Aloha H. Dowd

Carol and Philip Doyle

Richard D. Drake

Kay and Gary Dubnoff

Gladys H. Duffy

Caroline G. Dykzeul

William E. Eastman

Arnold T. Ehlers

Ruth and Marvin A. Epstein, M.D.

Grace L. Erb

Leta H. Evans and Edward Talbot Evans

Anita Marie Farmer

Phyllis Fontaine

Esther A. Forbes

Kathleen A. Fordham

Irene and F. N. Fossati

Jerry Fox

Leigh M. Freeman

Oscar Friborg

Robert R. Gangi

Nanette K. Gardiner

Eleanor R. Garrett

Ellen and Frank Gatto

Jeannette M. Gibson

Roxana Giragossiantz

Alfreida Goodall

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence I. Gordon

Albert H. and Miriam Graddis

Victoria  and Ray Greenleaf

Celeste and Erik Haak

Mrs. Josiane L. Hable

Edith D'Errecalde Hadamard

Anne and Charles Haist

Oliver D. Hamlin

June N. Harding

B. G. Harr

Jacqueline and Terry R. Haws

Marianne and James K. Haynes

Horace S. Henderson

Eleanor and John Higson

Brenda and Brian Hill

Shirley and Allen Holling

Audrey and Michael Huron

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Irwin

Krueger and Stephanie Jacobsen

Brian D. James

Lori and Stan Janczura

Mary M. Johansen

Elberta Johnson Lozes

Myrtle E. Jones

Patricia and Allan Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Kanitkar

Dorothy Kapelanski

Daniel Kaplan, M.D.

Helen M. Karjala

Gerda C. Karoly

Pam and Robert Keagy

Margaret J. Kelleher

John Kiefer

Janet and John Kilhefner

Josephine Kilpatrick

Jeannette H. Kramer

Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt W. Krueger

Constance Lambert Lazarus and Paul Lazarus

Miriam H. Lar Rieu

Cheryl and Stephen Larmore, M.D.

Dorothy E. Larsen

Lee and Helga Larson

Barry Latner, M.D. and Claudia Pinilla, M.D.

Margaret Layton

Ethel J. Leigh

Edith M. Lindgren

Lynn and Edward Little

In memory of Stephen Loeb

Doree and Donald Loesch

Cindy and James Lontz

Elinore and Harry Lott, II

Kathryn J. Bennett, M.D. & Mr. Thomas F. Loughran

Leola S. Lowans

The Lowitz Family Charitable Lead Trust

Betty and Milton Marquard

Edith Marshall

Lorraine and Harold Martin

Vidal Martinez

Caroline and Frank Martini

Sally and Pasquale Martirani

Ruby and Harold Marty

Elizabeth and Donald Masten

Donald E. McCarthy and Marilyn W. Ferline McCarthy

Patricia Parks McClain

Elizabeth McFarlan

Myrtle M. McGrew

Lawrence McLaughlin

Evelyn and John McLean

Kay Middleton

Cecelia B. Miller

Glenn T. and Emma S. Miller

Elsbeth E. Minuth

Neil C. Mitchell

Tillie M. Molho

Ann and James Moriarty

William H. Morrison

Megan Morrow

Margie and Kerry Murphy

Lori and Dorwin Neely

Marilyn R. and Jack E. Neely

Leta and Stanley Nelson

Margaret Mary and William A. Novak

Helen and Sherman Odegard

Jerry and Diane Origlia

Roberta R. Palmer

Joan and James Pavon

Lawrence E. and Mary Peirano

Helen B. Perkins

Rosemary Peterson

Patricia and Walter Petrini

Pianka Living Trust

Isabelle H. Pigman

The Margaret Pillsbury Foundation

Suzanne and Clyde Pitchford

Lillian E. Poage

Mary Louise Pollaczek

Catherine Prato

Paul H. Prehn

Anne and Edwin Proskey

Lois E. Quick

Ann L. Rae

Sue and Harry Rattner

Fred Rau

Conrad L. Redders

Dolores L. Redlick

Liane S. Reilly

Mr. Michael O. Reilly & Mrs. Liane Reilly

Katherine and H. Ludwig Reis

Barbara and Philip Rezos

Nancy Gracey Richardson

Judith and J. Frederick Riedel, M.D.

Eleanor Robison

Richard J. Rosin

Olga and Maynard Rotermund, M.D.

Margaret M. Roth

Nancy and Bill Sabin

Edith Nadine Sartor

Diane D. & Frederic A. Sawyer

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Schaefer

Barbara and Jerry Schauffler

Lenore Schermer

Ilse and William Schiff, M.D.

W. Karl Schindhelm

Winona M. Schoefer

Marjorie Scholl

Estelle and Mortimer Schultz

Danny Scopen and Stephen Muir

Vivian and Kent Sherwood

E. Lee and Nancy A. Simmons

Charles Simpson

Marcine and Scott Singley

Paula and Donald Sledge

Lucie A. Smith

Marguerite V. Smith

Ruth and Gordon Smith

Allison J. Solari

Marie Spielman

Sala and Harold Steeves

Margery and Donald Sterns, M.D.

Joan and Robert Stevenson

Jan Stipak

Zelda B. Stone

Gordon Studebaker

Delphine V. Sutley

Francis J. and Mary K. Sweeney

Mr. and Mrs. Danny L. Tam

Olga and Warren Tarshis

Jean A. Taylor

R. Jean and James D. Taylor Foundation

Beatrice and John Thomas

Thomas and Ida Thomason

Jack E. and Linda A. Thompson

Steven K. Tiller

Mary Anne Tirrell, R.N. and Richard Tirrell, M.D.

Ingrid and Bernard Trimpe

Harold Tulin

Anne and D.L. Van Syckle

Mary and Robert Vanderwall

Alamelu and Sundar Vasu Devan

Kenneth V. Wakefield

Michael F. Waters

Barbara H. Watson

Joan M. and Clair S. Weenig, M.D.

Julia and Dean Weihe, Sr.

LaVerne and Arthur Wellens

Captain Roy Whitmire, Ret.

Jeanne and Max Wilcox

Kathryn M. Wohlrab

Elizabeth Wood and John Watkins

Audrey and Winston Woodman

Ruth M. Young