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Doctors' Day 2023

FMRP Doc with female patient

Doctors' Day 2023

Please join us in honoring John Muir Health physicians on National Doctors’ Day!

Physicians display heroism and courage every day, but this year on National Doctors’ Day, their selflessness in the face of a deepening health crisis is truly extraordinary.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold and upend American life, our John Muir Health physicians are leading this remarkable response effort and putting their health and safety on the line every day.

Doctors’ Day is made special when you and other friends of John Muir Health step forward to say…

“Thank you, doctors. You helped me … and I truly appreciate it.”

Your acknowledgement will be warmly felt by the physician you name.

There are no words to really express the appreciation that we have for this type of acknowledgement!” —Nason Azizi, M.D. 

Equally important, your continued charitable support with a Doctors’ Day gift will help improve health care in your own community.

In addition, a doctor honored will receive our custom-crafted Doctors’ Day honoree lapel pin. You could be among the first to award this commemorative Doctors’ Day pin to your doctor. The fact that only patients can award these pins is what makes them so special. They’re the ultimate “seal of approval.”

Of course, if you’d like to make a gift but don’t have a physician to name, that’s fine too. Your contribution will still help provide critically needed, lifesaving care!