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Your Legacy Library

Legacy Giving Options

Charitable estate planning can be financially beneficial for families and individuals of various ages and income levels.   Find out what planning a Legacy Gift to John Muir Health can do for you and your loved ones—now and in the future. Check out our easy-to-read Legacy E-Booklets and get started today. 

There are three primary categories of giving available for you to explore:

Gifts That Pay You Income

  1. Charitable Gift Annuity
  2. Pooled Income Fund
  3. Charitable Remainder Trust

Gifts That Take Effect After Your Lifetime

  1. Bequest
  2. Retained Life Estate
  3. Charitable Beneficiary Designations

Gifts Available for use by John Muir Health Today

  1. IRA Rollover Gifts
  2. Charitable Giving and CARES Act of 2020
  3. Real Estate
  4. Charitable Lead Trust
  5. Gift of Appreciated Stock

The Office of Legacy Planning is available to provide you with customized calculations of various Legacy Giving Options.  Please contact Mike Crvarich, Vice President of Legacy Giving at or (925) 941-2020 or Mary Sherman, Program Manager, Legacy Giving at or (925) 941-2134.

Create Your Family Mission Statement

Philanthropy is values-based and most often passed down in families from generation to generation. Creating a family mission statement helps build shared vision, values, goals and purposes. Print our Family Mission Statement Workbook to guide you through the creation of your very own Family Mission Statement.

Philanthropic Advisors

Philanthropy is unique in that it offers a Win for Donors, a Win for the organization receiving the gift, and is a Win for the Community. To assist in bringing this vision to the community at large, the Foundation has a group of Professional Advisors, known as the Philanthropic Advisors Council (PAC), to guide the Office of Legacy Planning. 


Nearly 70% of Americans don't have an up-to-date estate plan. We've partnered with FreeWill to make estate planning—and legacy giving—as simple as possible for our community. Using their online, self-help tool, you can create a legal will at no personal cost, and easily designate a portion of your estate to support John Muir Health. Click here to get started. 

Legacy Publications

2021 Fall Legacy Newsletter – The Gift of a Lifetime