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Leave a Legacy

Haywood Greatgranddaughters

Leave a Legacy

Taking care of family. That’s what Legacy Planning with John Muir Health is all about. You are invited to explore the many ways that you can plan for the future to create income for you and your family, and ultimately make a significant gift to John Muir Health.

Family Legacy Storytelling

Charles Collier reminds us in his book “Wealth in Families” that the sharing of family stories is the first organizing principle in creating strong and healthy families. Personal stories that are shared from generation to generation provide an important context for family traditions and values.

Research also shows that telling children stories about who they are and where they come from provides benefits to them such as heightened adolescent self-esteem, emotional intelligence, a stronger self-identity and lessened risks of depression and anxiety later in life. It shows them “the stuff they are made of” and gives them access to a continuing story line that is much stronger and deeper than their own individual story.

Family legacy storytelling reminds us of what it means to be human and connected to a larger community. In a profound way, it reminds us that being human always points to something, or someone, other than oneself, and that in the act of helping others, we find our own humanity.

Philanthropy is one way that families can share their story and values with the community. To further explore how to create and share your family’s philanthropic legacy, please contact Mike Crvarich, Vice President of Legacy and Principal Gifts at (925) 941-2120 or email.  

Create Your Legacy Gift

Charitable estate planning can be financially beneficial for families and individuals of various ages and income levels.   Find out what planning a Legacy Gift to John Muir Health can do for you and your loved ones—now and in the future. Check out our easy-to-read Legacy E-Booklets and get started today.   

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